Board of experts

A board of experts is involved in the development of methods and tools for the sexual education
for people with intellectual/learning disabilities. The experts also assist the steering group throughout
the SEAD project.


Floris Bottinga (Germany)

Social and sex education worker, Floris has been working at Pro familia since 2006. Pro familia is a leading association for sexuality, relationships and family planning in Germany. His position involves working on projects designed for people with disabilities, workshops about sexual knowledge, partnerships and flirting, as well as providing counseling services. He also collaborates with disability organisations in his region.


Eija Holma (Finland)

Eija is an experienced special needs teacher working at the Luovi Vocational College. Most of the students at the college have intellectual and/or learning disabilities, and Eija teaches those pupils who are taking a vocational qualification in property maintenance, crafts and design. Besides this, she also works as a site manager.


Joke Van De Boogaard (The Netherlands)

Joke is a policy advisor at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social Studies. She has been leading practice-based research related to disability. She has developed study programmes and tools for adults with learning/intellectual disabilities as well as a training programme for educators. Joke also organises activities and events for international students.


Philipa Bragman (United Kingdom)

Philipa is the founder of CHANGE, an international organisation led by disabled people which employs people with learning disabilities alongside people who do not have a learning disability. She is involved in the deinstitutionalisation process of adults with learning disabilities in the UK, accessible education for adults with disabilities, and issues related to women with learning disabilities.


Catherine Carter (United Kingdom)

Catherine is a trainer who trains professionals working with people with learning disabilities. The training is related to parenting, sex and health, relationships, accessible information, women’s issues, and domestic violence. She conducted maternity research for CHANGE among pregnant women with learning disabilities. She is also on the Accessible Information Board of NHS England.