Making education about sexuality and relationships accessible to people with learning/intellectual disabilities

The SEAD project is for adults with learning/intellectual disabilities for whom mainstream sex edu-
cation materials are not accessible. The SEAD project is also for parents and staff working with adults with learning disabilities who would like to assist their children or clients in a self-directed way of life.

Learning/intellectual disability is a ‘significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information and to learn and apply new skills (impaired intelligence). This results in a reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning), and begins before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development’ (WHO 2013).

However, we do not view disability as being the ‘problem’ of the individual – with the right opportunities, education and support, people can be enabled to participate more fully in mainstream society. In the same way as wheelchair users are disabled by stairs and the lack of ramps or lifts, people with learning/intellectual disabilities are disabled by inaccessible communication and the lack of education, support or opportunities for inclusion; this applies as much in the area of sexuality and sex education as it does in other areas of life.

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How you can get involved
• Pass on information and your experiences about sex education for adults with intellectectual/learning disabilities to the SEAD partners
• Subscribe to our biannual newsletter: project@euconcilia.de
• Share the news with your partners and networks
• Comment on the country reports
• Participate in testing the tool kit