We asked people with learning disabilities, their parents and staff working with them:
• what they have learnt about sex education;

• what they need to learn; and

• how they would like to learn

The studies clarified the current situation in the different partner countries. The themes identified included:

• the cultural backgrounds to the topic of sex education in general

• national systems to implement sex education for people with learning disabilities

• ways to cope with sexuality and sex education of persons with disabilities, levels of self-determination of people with disabilities, methods and tools currently used, etc.

European comparison report
Through the report it is possible to identify specific needs of the different countries and help to work on strategies how to solve these needs.

Study of ‘Communication Channels’
This study looks at the different actors in charge of sexual education to identify good and effective ways to communicate with the 3 different groups (disabled people, parents, support staff).

European good practices
These are the currently used good and effective ways of offering accessible sex education.