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Pop-up book for parents and support staff to provide guidelines on sex education for people with disabilities

A pop-up book has been created on behalf of the SEAD project which contains guidelines for providing sex education to adults with disabilities. The book contains 28 guidelines, including:
• Create and promote emotional awareness among people with disabilities
• Highlight and distinguish between positive and negative aspects of sexuality
• Be creative when providing sex education to adults with disabilities
• Look through the prejudiced opinions about people concerning sexuality and see
  the real person behind them
• Repeat the information given about sexuality
• Protect people with disabilities from negative aspects of sexuality rather than having to interfere
  when it is too late
• It is important that social work studies include sexuality in their curricula
• Introduce sexuality through courses and by team discussions
• Develop and use a policy for guidance

The book has been designed by students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, one of the partners of the SEAD project, and it was presented during the project partners’ meeting in Leeds (UK) in May 2013.